Care Services Questions:

Do you have nurses on staff?

Yes! We have nurses on every floor 24 hours a day! Registered Nurse is always in the home.

How many residents live here?

Riverview has 190 beds!

What type of training does your staff receive?

Education takes place in a variety of ways to include in person, on the spot, competencies in and outside of the home as well as online. We have our very own Nurse Educator here fulltime.

Do you provide transportation to doctors’ appointments?

We will happily book transportation for your appointments with a local transport company. We encourage families to attend outside appointments with their loved ones and transport when able as we cannot make decisions on your behalf. Medicaid does offer transport services as well. To add- we do offer in home services for long term residents for dental, optometry, audiology and dental.

Are any personal care supplies or other toiletries provided?

Yes, when you decide to make Riverview your home, we will ensure that personal care items and toiletries are available for use. However, if you prefer a specialty brand or a different type of item than we supply, you may purchase your own and keep them in your room.

Will someone assist me or my loved one to the dining room?

Absolutely! We strive to enable our residents to attend dining and other activities that they would like to join, so we will happily assist you when needed.

Other Community Questions:

Is Housekeeping offered?

Yes, we have in-house housekeeping services.

Are laundry services offered?

Yes, we provide in-house laundry services, and you can choose between continuing to manage your loved one’s laundry or handing that responsibility over to us at no cost. For your convenience, we recommend dropping off the items at the front desk, allowing us to label them regardless of your choice. Please ensure that any clothing or belongings in need of washing are labeled. If you prefer, we can label them for you; just bring the items to the front desk in a bag with your loved one’s name on it.

Do you provide Cable TV and Wi-Fi?

Yes, Cable and Wi-Fi are available!

Are visitors allowed at any time, or are there specific visiting hours?

Visitors are allowed at any time, we just ask that if you arrive very early or late that you are mindful of the other residents who may be sleeping.

Are overnight guests allowed?

We recommend that residents and their roommates have privacy during the overnight hours however, we do make accommodations as needed with the coordination of Social Services and the Administrator for certain circumstances.

Are residents encouraged to participate in activities?

Definitely! We have a vast calendar of activities, and our Life Enrichment Team members encourage all residents to participate.

How do I find out information about daily activities for me or my loved one?

The monthly activity calendar is posted on every unit near the elevators and in every room.

Are religious services offered onsite?

Yes, religious services are offered, and we will also work with your personal religious affiliations to ensure your spiritual needs are met.

Are there any restrictions on personal items to bring?

  • Personal furniture: Please check with maintenance and/or therapy prior to bringing in personal furniture items.
  • Electrical items:  These are discouraged including extension cords- please contact our Maintenance Director for inquiries.
  • Food items: Food must be secured at all times. If you bring in personal food items they must be labeled with resident name and date (good for 3 days).

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