I can’t say enough about Riverview! It has been wonderful here! I am feeling so much better, and everyone has been great! Everyone is so helpful and friendly and always smiling. They are all so responsive to anything I need. I am really happy I came here.

William Shaw

Everyone loves each other, everyone cares. It’s not like this in other places. I just love it here! The people are good to me, which makes me love it more. 

Pat Silva 

It’s great here. You are all friendly, affable, approachable and take such great care of me. You wouldn’t get the same everywhere else. I don’t have a bad word to say about Riverview. I appreciate each one of you and everything you do for me.


I am the Special Care Coordinator at Riverview. I absolutely love my role here. I love working with the residents, I love being hands on and helping to develop programs that enable our residents to do things they love. Riverview is like a big family to me, it feels like home to me!

Kerri Field (Employee testimonial)

We all stick together and we all help each other contribute to what we’re trying to accomplish here. Everybody is wonderful, along with the food and the care.

Ronald Peckham

I love our residents! I love being able to interact with and get to know them. I enjoy coming to work, it feels like family here. I take pride in what I do and truly care about all of my interactions as the first person everyone sees when they come through our doors. I always try to help as best as I can.

Donna (Employee testimonial)

I have been working at Riverview since 2019. I started as a floor nurse and got promoted to supervisor, and now, Staff Development Coordinator. I love how happy the residents are when things are done the right way and in a timely manner, the appreciation they show to the staff is overwhelming. My favorite thing about my working environment is the support given to staff, and the management team is always here, giving a helping hand. I feel like I am at home with my family!

Neresia Honore-Watson (Employee testimonial)

My stay at Riverview has been really great. The staff are wonderful, caring and have taken really good care of me. Although I am going home, I am actually a little sad to be leaving them. I would come back to Riverview any time!

David Bordeleau

I am really pleased with the Therapy department! They have been excellent and have gotten me up and walking sooner than I thought I would be able! I was so sick, and I thought it would be months before I was walking again. 

Christopher Spencer

I am so comfortable here! The CNAs are sweet and I am definitely getting better every day! The doctor is also very approachable, and he actually listens. 

Darlene Diggs

I love it here! It’s clean, the food is great, lots of activities, and caring staff! I recommend my friends to come stay here. I highly recommend Riverview!

Rhonda Odonnell

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